renderubg showing new addition from parking lot

Looking Forward

Improving Fellowship, Worship, Learning, and Service Opportunities with New and Renovated Spaces for Prince of Peace!

Confident in our mission to help people in our community become more connected to God and to others, Prince of Peace is starting a process to expand and renovate our facilities. We view this as an exciting step, full of promise and also involving unknowns. Our goal is to improve and expand our indoor and outdoor spaces, so they can function as a constant example of God's love and of our comittment to giving people the sense that all are welcome, that there is space for them, and that the work we're doing in Jesus' name really matters!

Why are we building?

Questions and Answers About the Building Program

Ministry Possibilities -- What New Spaces Could Mean for Prince of Peace

Latest Schematic Design Update (100% June 2013) Keep checking this link to view progress as the schematic design develops!

rendering of gathering space with coffee bar

Your Support is Needed!

Expanding Service to the Community and Investing in the Future of Prince of Peace!

Prince of Peace has recently called Pastor Christine Stephan to be our next associate pastor! Part of Pastor Christine's ministry will be to serve the community and our plan to add new spaces is key to this work.

Prince of Peace currently provides space to several non-profit groups and we plan to expand this availability with the new space. We also plan to offer weekly community dinners once we have the new space.

Our plans are exciting! But to implement this vision, we need community support!

partial floor plan

Be a Part of
the Capital Campaign!

Prince of Peace is conducting a Capital Campaign to expand and renovate our facilities! Our Capital Campaign has secured more than $500K of pledges and gifts and we also have obtained a $2M line of credit. All that remains is to raise approximately $600K to make this project possible!

If you would like to help please download a pledge card or make a gift through our online donation site.

View the Capital Campaign Brochure!